Make a splash, whatever your message

In one sense, there’s never been an easier time to obtain positive publicity. Financial cuts in the media have led to a real shortage of original stories. If your story is written and presented in a way which makes it easy for the media to use, you have a very good chance of making the news. Unfortunately, many PR agencies stick with the same formulaic press releases which end up in exactly the same place as they always did – the bin! Text Factory’s experience at the ‘sharp end’ means we know exactly what journalists are looking for. 

Products & Events

Got a new product you’re excited about? Text Factory can come up with imaginative strategies to get it seen in the channels you’re targeting. Similarly, with a big public event, our wide and varied contacts book could be just the leverage your business needs.

Full campaigns

We’re not just here for the one-offs! If you have a sustained, multi-channel campaign in mind, let Text Factory take the strain and bring its creativity and energy to bear on your project. Get the results you want without the mumbo-jumbo and ‘PR speak’.

Social media

The most important part of the social media jigsaw is to create a realistic and sustainable plan to make the big names work for you, not only in the next month but in the years ahead. Text Factory can help you assemble this plan, and put the initial framework in place.